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Matt Ryan Jersey Limited
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Matt Ryan Jersey Limited
vendredi 22 février 2019 04:15:42
Dirk Koetter is back with the Falcons as the team’s offensive coordinator. Whether you love or hate the move Atlanta Falcons T-Shirt , there’s nothing to be done about it now except evaluate why the team went in this direction and how the move will work out for Atlanta. Steve Sarkisian’s dismissal was expected, and there was some dread surrounding the possibility of a down year while Matt Ryan and the rest of the offense adjust to yet another coordinator. Bringing in Koetter does minimize that risk, which is good considering that Ryan and Julio are both getting to point in their careers where wasting a season would be acutely painful. But there’s plenty of reason to be less-than-thrilled with the decision to welcome back Koetter. Let’s work through the reactions to this move. The Falcoholic staff is fine with the hire, but not enthusedOur staff weighed in on the Koetter hire, and we’re all on the same page. He gets a solid B across the board. For me, Koetter grades out as a B because he’s not the most thrilling hire, but he is someone who should be able to come in and minimize the learning curve for players he’s already spent years working with in Atlanta. We saw a dip in productivity with the hires of Kyle Shanahan and Steve Sarkisian, and another lost season wouldn’t be ideal at this point in Ryan and Julio’s career. Hiring Koetter is arguably the best shot to avoid that. Here’s everyone else’s reasoning.Dave Choate: I leaned B because I think Koetter will do a fine job Atlanta Falcons Hats , but I’ve said many times that I don’t think it’s an inspiring hire. Hopefully he’ll be better than I expected, but this offense should be very good either way.Matt Chambers: We have a pretty good grasp on who Dirk Koetter is at this point in his career. Obviously if he was a little better he’d be interviewing for more HC jobs. However, he’s shown he can produce when given given good personnel despite a few flaws. He’s a clear upgrade over Sarkisian who regularly struggled with consistency. DW: Familiarity with the QB and star WR shouldn’t be overlooked. Carter Breazeale: The Falcons avoided Shiny Object Syndrome and went with a reasonable, experienced pick. It’s not the flashiest hire, but Dirk Koetter’s familiarity with Matt Ryan’s strengths and weaknesses and his scheme which relies on explosive, vertical plays should bode well for the future of the Falcons’ offense. Cory Woodroof: I think it’s a hire that has potential to be really good for the offense and for Matt Ryan as he continues into his prime. I just don’t know what the ceiling is for his play calling and if it’ll be enough to contend for another chance at a championship.Evan Birchfield: I gave the hire a B. It’s not world-changing, but given the options, it was probably the best move. We can only hope the familiarity between Koetter and this offense means no first-year drop off like Sark & Shanahan experienced. Fan reactions are a real mixed bagA majority of fans who responded to our poll are also leaning toward a B for the Koetter hire. But individual perspectives were all over the place. It’s your turn to weigh in on KoetterHow are you feeling about the hire? Vote in our poll below. We’re a bit over a week away from a Saints-less Super Bowl in Atlanta Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie , and the Falcons news and narratives are still landing daily on The Falcoholic. Read on for today’s edition of Falcoholinks. A Look at the Linebackers The Falcons’ group of linebackers should be a strength heading into 2019, but injury told the tale this past season. Once Deion Jones went down with a foot injury it forced the unit into a state of flux, with Dan Quinn shuffling the deck until he found an alignment that worked best. This week we took a look at the position as a whole — the good, the bad, and the ugly — and offered a projection of how it may shake out next season. Duke Riley failed to impress in his sophomore effort, his level of play ultimately relegating him to the bench, while rookie Foyesade Oluokun enjoyed an unexpectedly increased role.A Deep Division The NFC South has established itself as one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL, producing a consistent group of contenders since its incorporation in 2002. In that time Julio Jones Jersey Limited , the Atlanta Falcons have made eight visits to the playoffs, including two trips to the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl berth in 2016.Collectively, there have been five conference champions in the division since its inception, and two Super Bowl winners — neither of whom are the Falcons, of course. 2016 will be forever seared into the identity of this franchise, but the hated Saints have also developed a recent proclivity for blowing it in the postseason. If there’s ever an appropriate palate cleanser for the sour taste of Atlanta’s failures, it’s New Orleans’ failures.Bowl Report No, not the Super Bowl. We’ll be watching that one , too; but I’m talking about the Senior Bowl. Some of the 2019 NFL Draft’s top prospects will be participating in the game on Saturday, and our Eric Robinson is out with an early report from the first day of practice. Be sure to familiarize yourself with some of these names, as they could emerge as draft selections for Atlanta in a few months. The Athletic’s Jason Butt also name-checks a few Senior Bowl DBs who may be on the Falcons’ draft board. A Lineman Letdown Right tackle Ryan Schraeder landed with the team as an undrafted free agent in 2013 and parlayed a couple of solid seasons into a contract extension. That’s essentially a dream scenario for any player who didn’t hear his name called in the NFL Draft, but Schraeder’s recent season was alarming — and may jeopardize his future with the Falcons. The Falcoholic’s David Walker dives into the numbers and looks at Ryan Schraeder’s letdown of year, and what it may portend for the offseason and beyond.
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